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Madeli Aversa-Waves-Temepred-Glass-Vessel.Clear-Natural.Thickness: 12 Mm. MGE-05009-1-C

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Madeli Aversa-Waves-Temepred-Glass-Vessel.Clear-Natural.Thickness: 12 Mm. MGE-05009-1-C

Finish: Natural Finish
Collection: Aversa
Dimensions: 22-1/2''(W)X 14-1/2''(L)X 6-1/4''(H)
Shape: Waves

Madeli® Italian influenced designs are timeless and stylish while maintaining the functionality demanded by today’s educated and discriminating consumers. Our design team with over 50 years of combined experience has applied the knowledge gained from extensive market research to determine the latest consumer trends while at the same time respecting classic and historical styling. Madeli® Bath Vanities are manufactured around the concept that design, function and value are decisive considerations in consumer purchasing decisions. Design precedes function but harmonizing both creates value. maximizing functionality is one of our key guiding principles.
Our price: $499.95
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