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Ronbow Rectangle Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink in White - 200520-WH

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Ronbow Rectangle Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink in White - 200520-WH


Counter cutout opening: 17-1/8'(43.5cm) W x 12-5/16'(31.2cm) D. For standard size WideAppeal™ and TechStone™ Tops Undercounter installation. Vessel Sink. Ceramic. With overflow. Overflow drain sold separately.

Finish: White (WH) Finish
Style: Transitional
Dimensions: W 19.50'' (49.53 cm) x D 14.56'' (36.98 cm) x H 6.50'' (16.51 cm)
: 9.06
: 21.25
Weight: 18lbs.
Material: Ceramic

Disclaimer: Due to the manufacturing process, glass will tend to have a greenish tint, this is a natural feature and is not considered a defect. As a result of the tempering process or otherwise, color variations in glass may occur in certain products.

Warranty: 1 year
Basins: 1
Drain Position: Center
Shipping: L:21.25"x W:16.56"x H:9.06"-22lbs.

At Ronbow, our goal is to be a reliable and trustworthy leader in providing our customers with the highest quality in decorative bathroom products and unprecedented customer service. What distinguishes Ronbow from competitors is that we design and manufacture our own products, which gives us the capability to consistently offer customers impeccable quality and relevant design. Our furniture is manufactured with the highest quality hardwoods from sustainable forests. We offer a dynamic and diverse design spectrum to fit any style home, from ultra contemporary to old world traditional. Our versatile designs allow for interchangeable sinks and countertops in wood, glass, stone & ceramic to match any home décor.
Our price: $372.95

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